The circuit is built around an LM358 dual operational amplifier IC; the IC contains two totally separate operational amplifiers. In this circuit we have used both the opamps of that IC and wired both of them in comparator mode.  At the output of each opamp we have connected a DPDT relay switch marked relay1 and relay2. The relay1 is connected with the light sensor circuit and it can be adjusted with VR1 to be activated on the desired level of light, and the relay2 is connected with the dark sensor circuit that is built around the second opamp of the IC. The circuit is a good energy saver and only consumes 500uA in standby mode. The operating voltage of the circuit is 5V to 12V DC.

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Here is a project of a single chip light dark sensor switches using LM358 IC. At the output of the circuit there are two relay switches, which can be adjusted to activate on desired light and dark levels. The circuit can be used to control electronic appliances on the desired light levels or in day and
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Single Chip Light Dark Sensor Switches