A 24V DC power supply circuit using LM7824 IC. LM7824 is a 24V 1.5A fixed output voltage regulator IC, available in TO 220 package. It is an IC of LM78xx series, this series contains many fixed output voltage ICs like LM7815 is designed for fixed 15V output and LM7818 is for fixed 18V 


output. You can find many other circuits of this series ICs on the power supply circuits page. These ICs have many built in features like overheat protection short circuit protection etc. All the important circuitry has been built inside the IC therefore very mumimum external components are required. As the circuit mentioned below using only few capacitors.  The transformer shown in the diagram is a 220V to 24V 2A transformer you can also use a 110V to 24V 2A transformer here. D1 is a 2A diode bridge and 1N4001 diode is used to block feedback to the IC. The IC become hot during the operation due to which it requires a suitable heatsink    


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24V DC Power Supply Circuit Using LM7824 IC
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