off when the tank is full. One of the major advantage of this circuit is that it is wireless and works well upto 100 meters due to which it is ideal for the places like farms, irrigational areas and anywhere the water pump is at distance, therefore it can save a lot of wiring cost and also the technical issues occurs in long wiring for example breakage, atmospheric damages, oldness etc. which effects on the long term durability of the project.

The project has two sections which are a transmitter section and a receiver section. The transmitter section senses the level of water in the tank and sends the information to the receiver section to whether switch ON or OFF the pump. The receiver section receives that information and performs the task according to the information receives from the transmitter.
The circuit is using an RF module that can be purchased readymade from electronic store. This is the same RF module that is used in the circuit here: Wireless Water Level Indicator Using RF Module.

The transmitter section of the project contains two ICs which are 7555, HT-12E, transmitter part of the RF module and few other discrete components. The probes marked lower level should be placed in the tank where you want to start the water pump and the upper level probe should be placed in the tank where you want to stop the water pump from filling water in the tank. The operating voltage of the transmitter circuit is 5V to 12V DC and the quiescent current consumption is only 370uA, therefore it is ideal to use a battery supply and a normal alkaline AA batteries will last many weeks or months, but it is also depends on the size of the tank and frequency of tank empty and filling cycles.

The receiver section of the project contains HT-12D IC, receiver part of the RF module, relay and other discrete components. The operating voltage of the receiver circuit is 5V to 6V DC, the relay value should be used according to the operating voltage.

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The figure below shows a wireless water pump controller circuit that controls 220V water pump motor wirelessly. The circuit is completely automated therefore no human intervention is required & it is able to switch ON the 220V water motor when water level is low in the tank and switch
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Transmitter Section
Receiver Section
Wireless Water Pump Motor Controller Transmitter Circuit
Wireless Water Pump Motor Controller Receiver Circuit