The project is very versatile and can be customized for different temperature related tasks.

This wireless temperature sensor is able to sense four different temperature levels and send the information to the receiver. The four required levels of temperature can be selected in the transmitting part of the project and their outputs will be received at the receiving part. The outputs at the receiver can be used to drive LEDs to provide a visual indication of the temperature level, Buzzer or alarm to provide sound indication or a relay switch to drive an appliance for example a cooling device etc.

The project contains two sections which are a transmitter section and a receiver section. The four different required levels of temperature on which you want to switch the output on receiver can be selected with the 10K variable resistors used in the transmitter section. The operating voltage of the transmitter section is 5V to 12V DC.

The operating voltage of the receiver section is 6V to 12V DC. The receiver section of the project has four outputs, two of them are connected with LEDs, one with a buzzer and one with a relay switch, but you can also use relays in the place of LEDs and buzzer. The project is also using a same readymade RF module used here.

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Wireless temperature sensors & monitors are popular nowadays not only in industrial and commercial applications but even in residential settings. An effective wireless temperature sensor can also be built with few low cost ICs and components as shown in the figures below.
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Transmitter Section
Receiver Section