is they prevent shocks, moreover these switches are also ideal to use in pharmacies, food processing plants and anywhere hygiene accuracy is required as they prevent the spread of germs through hands that is not possible with physical contact switches at these places.

The circuit shown here is using three chips / ICs and can be divided in to three stages. The first stage is an IR signal amplification stage built around a LM358 dual operational amplifier IC, the sensitivity of the circuit can be adjusted with the 100K variable resistor used between pin 2 and ground of the LM358 IC. The second stage is built around the 555 timer IC to provide some delay to the signals coming from LM358. The third stage is a toggle stage built around CD4017 decade counter IC. The circuit can be operated from 5V to 12V DC. 

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This touchless or hands free toggle switch circuit activates and deactivates appliances by just a simple wave of hand, and hence user don't have to touch the switch physically. There are many advantages of using a touchless switch over a physical touch switch, one of the main advantage
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Touchless / Hands Free Toggle Switch Circuit Diagram