the battery operated projects.

In this circuit the IC is wired as a flip flop. Working of the circuit is simple; the pin 8 and 13 of the IC is connected with the positive rail through the 5.6M resistors. Normally the gates of the IC are in high state, but when the user touches the "Touch Point 1" the output goes from high to low state that switches ON the transistor and the relay switch become activated, in the opposite condition when a user touches the "Touch Point 2" the output gates of the IC will goes high again that switches OFF the transistor again and making the relay switch deactivated. Hence any appliance that is connected with the relay switch can be controlled by these touch switches.

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The article describes an easy to build touch activated switch circuit using a CD4011 IC. CD4011 is a CMOS IC from 4000 CMOS IC series. It's a versatile chip and can be used for variety of purposes in electronic circuits, and due to its low power consumption circuitry it is ideal to use in
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Touch Activated Switch Using CD4011 IC