A toggle switch circuit can also be made with a CD 4013 IC. CD4013 is a CMOS chip available in 14 pin dip package. It can be operated from 3V to 15V DC. This IC can be used for many applications like computer, Alarms, Medical instruments etc.
A 12V relay switch is connected at the output of
the circuit which is derived through a NPN transistor 2N4401. You can connect any device with the relay to operate it with a this toggle switch.

In this circuit this IC is wired as a toggle switch. The pin 2 (Q output) is connected with the pin 5 (data input) to operate the IC in toggle mode using a single output that is pin1.

A 2N4001 diode across the relay is used to save the circuit from the back EMF. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC.

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Toggle Switch Using CD 4013