However for increasing the output current more than 1.5A a higher ampere adjustable voltage regulator LM338 can also be used in the place of LM317 and the TIP120 transistor will be replaced with the IRF530 mosfet if you are using LM338. The TIP120 transistor, mosfet and any regulator IC used should be properly heatsinked to dissipate heat during operation. The 1M variable resistor can be adjusted to increase the sensitivity of the sound signals coming from the electret microphone & the 5K variable resistor is used to select the required output voltage.
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This sound activated adjustable battery supply is intended to add sound activation in battery operated projects. The supply is adjustable and can be adjusted from 1.2V to 10V, for 12V projects a 12V output is also provided before the LM317 IC, the max output current of this supply is 1.5A.
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Sound Activated Adjustable Battery Supply Circuit Diagram