infrared beam.

As shown in the circuit diagram there are two parts, which are a transmitter and a receiver. The transmission is done by using an infrared LED and adding the audio signal in the IR LED to transmit through the IR beam. The beam and the audio signal is detected by a small solar cell that can be placed at few inches away from the transmitter. The solar cell can be connected with the input of any audio amplifier to amplify the received audio signal through the infrared beam.

The IR signals are invisible to human eyes because their frequencies are higher than the human eye visible spectrum, but they perform like visible light signals thus any obstacle between the transmitter and receiver will stop the signal to reach to the receiver.

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There are many methods of transmitting an audio signal wirelessly or through air from one place to another for example through LED lights, radio waves, microwaves, Infrared light, Laser beam etc. In this article we are discussing about a simple method of transmitting an audio signal through
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Simple IR Audio Transmitter & Receiver Circuit Diagram