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The circuit is using three 555 timer ICs, all the ICs are performing a different task here. The speed of the chirping can be controlled by 10K variable resistor. With the help of 50K variable resistor you can adjust the frequency of the sound. The circuit can be operated from 5V to 12V DC. The output is connected with an 8 ohms 0.2 watt speaker. You can also use other 8 ohms speakers like 0.5 Watt, 1 Watt or 2 Watt.

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This real bird sound generator circuit is built around three 555 timer ICs. The circuit will produce the real sound effects of a bird chirping and if the circuit is hided somewhere then other will think that a real bird is hiding some where. The circuit can be used to make a quality bird bell and also with other variety

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Real Bird Sound Generator Using 555 ICs