simple and using only two transistors and some other discrete components.

A 12V relay switch is connected at the output from which you can connect any AC and DC appliance according to the relay value. For example if you are using a 10A relay than you are limited to connect the appliances or projects which use under 10 ampere current. Or use higher value of relay for projects using higher than 10 ampere.

The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC. The circuit can also be operated with the voltages below 9V but the 12V relay will not work on the voltages below 9V therefore use a relay according the operating voltage.
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This is a project of a simple push button ON OFF switch using transistors. Some times we require to switch ON our electronic projects or appliances by pressing push buttons. The circuit shown here is ideal to use for these purposes. One of the good quality of the circuit is that it is very

Push Button ON OFF Switch Using Transistors Circuit Diagram