Here is a very interesting project of a multi melody generator circuit using UM3481 IC. UM3481 is a mask-ROM-programmed multi melody generator. The IC uses only few external parts because all the important circuitry is built inside. The IC has many other good features like it can be operated with
only 1.5V to 4.5V DC. It has very low current consumption, 8 different types of melodies, 3 different instruments tones etc. Each time the push switch S1 is pressed a new melody will be played.

The circuit can be used in any electronic project where you require a melody generator circuit. It can also be used in bells, telephones, timers etc.  The 2N3904 transistor is used to amplify the output to drive the 8 ohms speaker.

There are many other versions of this IC, which are UM3482 and UM3485. All the three versions contain different song melodies. The further details of songs can be found in the datasheet of the IC.

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Multi Melody Generator Using UM3481