ON till the person is in the detection range of the PIR sensor and automatically OFF when the person go away. The project can be used for variety of security, outdoor light and garden light purposes.
Working of the circuit simple to understand, the 9V solar cell charges the 6V lead acid battery. The BD140 transistor remains in off state when the solar cell is producing power in the day time, and in the night time when solar cell is not producing any output the transistor BD140 become switch ON and activate the PIR sensor module. Now the four 1 watt LEDs will become activated only when it will detects anyone in its receiving range.
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The figure below shows an automatic motion sensor solar outdoor light circuit. The circuit is completely automatic. It will charge a 6V 1.2AH lead acid battery in the day time (In the presence of sun light) and activate the lights at night when the PIR sensor detects anyone in its range. The light will remain
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Motion Sensor Solar Outdoor Light Circuit Diagram