200mA, therefore you can easily connect a relay switch with each output. After connecting a relay switch the circuit will able to control many AC and DC devices.

In the circuit the three 555 timer ICs are wired in monostable multivibrator mode and the output of each IC is connected with the input of the next. But the output of the last timer (IC3) is not connected with any IC due to which the process will stop after the time period of IC3 is over. If you want to automatically start this timer again just simply connect the output (Pin3) of the IC3 to the input (Pin2) of the IC1 through a 1000pF capacitor. This will repeat the process again and again. The time duration of the circuit depends on the Electrolytic capacitor (Cx) and the 1M variable resistor, by increasing the value of the variable resistor from 1M to 2M or 5M can further increase the time duration of the circuit. The time duration of the circuit also depends on the electrolytic capacitor marked Cx. For example a 100uF capacitor will give the time period of few minutes with each IC. But a 1000uF capacitor will give a time period of hours. With full 5M value of the variable resistor and higher value of electrolytic capacitor like 2200uF to 4700uF can increase the time duration to several days.
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A good long duration timer can also be made by using only three 555 timers ICs and few discrete components, the number of ICs can also be increased to increase the time period. The circuit has three different outputs, which are output1, output 2, and output3. Each output delivers maximum
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Long Duration Timer Using Three 555 ICs