component of the circuit is a LM317T IC, LM317T is a famous adjustable positive voltage regulator IC & due to its high reliability, durability & built in features it is used in many industrial applications.

The max input voltage of the circuit is 40V DC with 2 ampere current, and the output voltage is adjustable between 1.2V to 37V DC, the max output current of the IC is 1.5 ampere. The output voltage can be adjusted with 5K variable resistor. The input voltage can also be decreased according to the requirements but the input voltage should always two to three volts higher than the output, for example if you require max 12V at the output then provide 14V to 15V at the input.

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The figure below shows a project of LM317 soft start power supply. A soft start power supply is used to provide a soft start to an electronic device or application by slowly increasing the output voltage to the desired level. The circuit shown here is quite simple and reliable, the main
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LM317 Soft Start Power Supply (Adjustable)