If you want to operate your home electrical appliances remotely then this IR or infrared remote control switch circuit can be ideal for you. The circuit is using a 5V relay switch at the output from which you can connect any AC appliance like fan, light, lamp etc. to switch on or off them without leaving your chair
or bed. The circuit is using an IR sensor TSOP 1738, two transistors one IC CD4027 and few other discrete components. The CD4027 is a dual J-K flip flop CMOS IC that is wired as a toggle switch here.

The TSOP 1738 IR sensor receives 38KHz IR pulses therefore you can use any TV, CD, or DVD player remote to operate this circuit. The transistor Q1 amplify the signal received by the TSOP 1738 sensor. This amplified signal goes to the clock 2 (Pin3) of the 4027 IC which switches on the output transistor Q2 and Q2 activates the 5V relay switch.  The operating voltage of the circuit is 5 volt DC.

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Infrared / IR Remote Control Switch Circuit Diagram