projects, modules and other microcontroller projects too. It is a useful supply to use with variety of projects for operating and testing while building them. The max output current is 1A on each output except the 3.3V which is 1.5A.

The supply is using three ICs from LM2940CT series and a LM1086-3.3 from LM1086 series. The input power applied to the supply is 15V 1.5 ampere to 2 ampere. The input supply should be increased to 5 ampere if you require 1 ampere from each regulator.
All the ICs are using input and output capacitors to filter the voltages, all the capacitors must be 35V or 50V ratings, each IC should be connected to a proper separate heatsink. 

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Building microcontroller projects requires different voltage supplies at different stages. The power supply shown here will fulfill the requirements of different voltages at the same time. The supply has four different outputs which are 12V, 9V, 5V & 3.3V.
It can be used to power up an arduino and its

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Essential Supply For Arduino & Other Microcontroller Projects