parts the first part of the circuit is built around a 555 timer IC which provides clock pulses on the clock input of the 4017 decade counter IC. The second part is built around a 4017 IC which activates a new output and closes the last one when a pulse is received on its clock input pin 14. In this circuit we have used only 6 outputs of the 4017 IC out of 10 outputs.

When the push button S1 is pressed the 1uF capacitor will become charged and after the S1 is released the 2N3904 transistor will become switched ON and the 555 timer IC starts to generator pulses to its output pin three, these pulses are gradually decreased as the 1uF capacitor discharges. When the 1uF capacitor will become fully discharged the transistor will turned OFF and the 555 timer stop providing clock pulses to the clock input pin of the 4017 counter, due to which the decade counter will stop on any one output.

The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC. For good performance place the circuit in a suitable enclosure with battery, and place the push button S1 and the LEDs output side of the box.
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This electronic dice circuit has an additional slow down function; this is an interesting feature that gives more satisfying results. After pressing the push button S1 the LEDs will start flashing in speed, this speed will decrease slowly and finally stop on a result.
The circuit is divided in two
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Electronic Dice With Slow Down Function