Both the ICs are working in astable multivibrator mode in the circuit. The trigger pin2 and the threshold pin6 of IC1 are connected to each other and the ouput of them are connected to the control voltage pin5 of the IC due to which the output of the IC2 is controlled by IC1.

The circuit is easy to build and can be used in many applications for example door bells, alarms and with many other projects which require bird sound effects. The audio output of the circuit is quite loud and there is no need for an amplification stage. An eight ohms 1 or 2 watt speaker can be used at the output. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9V to 12V DC.
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The figure below shows a very interesting project of a bird sound generator circuit using 555 timer ICs. An electronic bird chirping sound always get our attention in bells, toys, wall clocks etc. A good quality bird sound generator can also be made by using two 555 timer ICs and few other discrete components.

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Bird Sound Generator Using 555 ICs