generated by opening the door; a peizo electric sensor is used in the circuit to sense the vibrations. This peizo sensor should be connected with the circuit through a 6 to 12 inches wire (you can also experiment with more length) and should be placed at the top corner of the door so it will not come in contact with the water and the remaining circuit of the project should be placed in a suitable enclosure and attached on a safe side where it will not come in contact with water. The project can also be used on other places where you want to automatically open one lamp or many lamps and also other appliances.

The circuit is using two ICs few transistors and some other discrete components. The sensitivity to sense vibrations can be increased or decreased with the 1M variable resistor. Operating voltage of the circuit can be any from 5V to 12V DC. The relay value should be chose according to the operating voltage.

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This is a project of an automatic washroom light circuit; the circuit will automatically switch ON a washroom light when some one tries to open the washroom door and automatically switch off that light when again opens the door to come out.
The circuit actually detects vibrations in the door
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Automatic Washroom Light Circuit Diagram