voltage at output etc. makes it ideal to use in variety of power supplies. The max output current of LM78xx series is 1 ampere but using high output power transistors can easily increase it. The circuit is using two TIP2955 external transistors, which will increase the output current to 10A.
The input voltage to the circuit should be three volts higher than output. A 230V to 12V 10A transformer is used with the circuit but it can also be replaced with a 230V to 9V 10A transformer, two fuses of 1A and 10A are added at the output for maximum protection. The transistors and IC dissipate heat during operation; therefore use a suitable heat sink with them.

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Figure shows a project of 5V 10A power supply. This power supply circuit can be used where high current 5V power supply is required. The circuit is using a well known LM7805 IC from LM78xx series, its built in features like over heat protection, short circuit protection, safe area protection, fixed and stable
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5V 10A Power Supply Circuit Diagram