5 amperes except the 9V output which will be used to power the arduino and microcontroller boards and therefore 1 ampere output current is enough to power them. This circuit is using three ICs from LM1084 positive voltage regulators series and one IC from LM2940-CT series. The input power can be provided from a 15V 5A plug pack, the input current can be increased from 5A to 16A if each output of LM1084 requires 5A current. You can also use LM1085-12, LM1085-5.0 and LM1085-3.3 in the place of LM1084 series if current requirements is not more than 3A. All the capacitors should be 35V or 50V ratings, and seperate heatsink requried for each IC.

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Here is another high current 5A version of previously mentioned essential supply for arduino & other microcontroller projects. This supply has same four outputs as the previous one which are 12V, 9V, 5V & 3.3V but the difference is the output current. Now each output can deliver maximum
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5A Version Of Essential Supply For Arduino & Other Microcontroller Projects