output with upto 800mA current, the circuit is based on LM1117-3.3V linear regulator IC, the built in features are over heat shutdown, current limiting, 800mA output current with only 1.2V difference. Two capacitors are also used at the input and output of the IC to filter the incoming and outgoing voltage.

The minimum input voltage should be 4.5V DC with 1 ampere current for this you can use a plug pack or batteries. While operating the IC it dissipates some amount of heat due to which a suitable heatsink is must to use with it.

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Many arduino modules uses 3.3V power supply, arduino boards also contains a 3.3V supply socket but it can provide limited current, therefore an external power supply is used to operate one or more modules which requires more current to operate. This power supply provides 3.3V regulated
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3.3V Power Supply for Arduino Modules