A dual power supply is required to power many audio equipments for example preamplifiers, equalizers, mixers etc. The 24V dual power supply circuit mentioned here can be used to power the above mentioned audio equipments and also work with other equipments which needs 24V dual power    


supply. This power supply circuit can provide the output current upto 1A. The circut is using two voltage regulator ICs, one is LM7824 which is a positive voltage regulator IC and the other is LM7924 which is a negative voltage regulator IC. The transformer can be any 230V AC or 110V AC to 24V also use suitable heatsinks with the ICs. For D1 to D4 use diodes between 1N4001 to 1N4007 any diode between this range will work or use 1A diode bridge.


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12V Dual Power Supply Regulated with LM7924 & LM7824
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