simple simple chasing effects with many LEDs. The blinking sequence is marked with numbers on the LEDs. You can also use transistors at each output to drive more LEDs on each output. The circuit can also be used for many other pulse generator purposes.

The circuit is using 3 ICs. The 555 timer IC with photocoupler is used to provide positive pulses to both the ICs one by one. The speed of the pulses or chasing speed can be increase or decrease with the 100K variable resistor. The circuit can be operated with 5V to 12V DC.
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The figure below shows a very interesting circuit of a 20 LED sequencer or chaser using a 555 timer and two 4017 decade counter ICs. This circuit is ideal if you want more LEDs to make a shape around which the LEDs will run in sequence. For example a heart shape or other similar shapes, you can just use it to make

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20 LED Sequencer / Chaser Using 555 & 4017 ICs