fixed versions but one more advantage of this version is user don't have to buy separate LM1117 ICs for different voltage requirements, and one can adjust the 2K variable resistor to receive the required output which can be any from 1.2V to 13.8V DC. The max output current is 800mA that is enough to easily drive applications which require under 1A current, a heatsink will also be required with the IC.

The circuit shown below is using a 15V 1A DC input supply, A 15V 1A plug pack supply can also be used as input. The input can also be supplied with a 12V battery but the max output will be around 11V with a 12V input.  
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In the previous article of 3.3V power supply for arduino modules we have used a LM1117-3.3V IC which is a fixed output voltage regulator of LM1117 series. LM1117 also comes in adjustable version that is used in the circuit here. The adjustable version also contains the same features as the
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1.2V To 13.8V Adjustable Regulated Power Supply  Using LM1117-ADJ